Sandwiches and Beer at Toast Tavern

Sandwiches, beer and literature. The concept is as simple as that. With 8 taps of local and international microbrews to choose from, and a list of sandwiches made of premium ingredients and named in honor of some of the staff’s favorite authors, Toast Tavern is the stuff that comfort is made of.


Housemade sauces on locally made bread put together with meats cheeses and veggies that have been sought with love and toasted to buttery perfection make for a unique experience in Madrid.


And of course, pair that with a nice pint of Founders, Mikkeller, Nomada, or Laugar and you’ve got something truly magical to accompany a few hours reading–or writing–your favorite book.

A regular series of literary events makes for a lively atmosphere. There are monthly writer’s meetings, poetry readings, microfiction contests in English and Spanish and the occasional master’s class to keep you sharp.

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